Squat-N-Go is a foldable toilet stool that ensures that you take the correct position when you sit on the toilet. A squatting position is much more natural and automatically improves bowel movements.

We have various fun colors in our range.


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Squat-n-Go: Not just any toilet stool!

We all have those moments on the toilet when we think: this should be easier, right? Well, you certainly can! Meet Squat-N-Go, the foldable toilet stool that is not only stylish and practical, but also actually contributes to your well-being. By having the right posture on the toilet, you can prevent a lot of stomach and intestinal complaints. And these toilet stools help you with that.

Why a squatting position on the toilet is so important

Human beings are naturally accustomed to sitting in a squatting position. This is the attitude that our ancestors used and that is still common in many cultures. It not only has to do with tradition, but especially with health. A squatting posture improves bowel movements and can therefore reduce or even prevent abdominal and intestinal complaints. A regular toilet stool does not come close to what Squat-N-Go has to offer.

Choose the Squat-N-Go that's right for you

You may think: a toilet stool is just a toilet stool, right? Not when it comes to Squat-N-Go. In addition to the great benefits for your bowel movements, this folding toilet stool is also a feast for the eyes. Whether you go for a neutral shade or a striking color, in the Orangeshop.eu range you will find various fun colors that fit perfectly in your bathroom. Make it easy on yourself, opt for good health and a stylish design with Squat-N-Go.

So, the next time you think about your bowel movements or have a tummy upset, remember that a simple change in posture with the help of this particular stool can make a world of difference. Choose Squat-N-Go and experience it for yourself!

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