Recycle bins

Separating waste has never been easier. With recycling garbage cans from our range - which are available in different colors, shapes and sizes - you can easily recycle all your waste. The bins are made of durable materials and can even be used in wet areas such as the bathroom.

Recycle bins

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Recycling for a green planet and a better environment

Of course, we all know that climate change is serious trouble. It is becoming increasingly clear that now is the time to make the right choices for a greener planet and a better environment. With more regulations and the pursuit of a cleaner environment, waste separation currently plays a larger role in daily life than before. Due to the lack of knowledge about the proper way to separate garbage, people do not know where to put their waste. As a result, the trash is not separated, there is inferior processing and valuable materials are lost.

Waste separation

With a recycle trash can, you make separating your trash at home, the office or school easier. In this way you prevent all kinds of garbage from coming together in one bin and bad smells stay in the garbage can. It also saves you a lot of time, because you separate your waste as soon as you throw something away. This also prevents a nasty fine from the government!

Our range of recycle bins

With our range of recycling garbage cans, everyone can easily separate paper, metal, plastic, glass and bio, from each other. The ALDA garbage cans come in 5 different colors. Green is for organic waste, red is for plastic, blue is for paper, black is for residual waste and gray is for glass. Plafor also has a special wastebasket sticker set that you can buy separately. In this way, anyone can separate waste anywhere.

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